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roasted by the sea,
harvested on fair land.

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our philosophy

Coffee is our passion and we do this with love and respect for supplier, product and customer. We select our coffee beans with an eye for top quality, fair trade and sustainability.  Our beans vary from season to season, but we always roast them to perfection, time after time. 

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our specialty coffees

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A “lightly roasted” coffee with a focus on fruity, sweet and soft aromas. Ideal to prepare in a classic or experimental way: slow/drip/press, ...

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nord.c house blend

A “medium roasted” coffee, our

“all-rounder”. A composition of premium origins, yet transparent and clear in composition.

Both on espresso and a full filter coffee.  Your “all day coffee”.

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An origin or blend “roasted to espresso level”, a beautiful crema, full body, sometimes surprising but certainly with the necessary spice.

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